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FudCon Cusco FudPub

más de 10 años
FudCon Organizers had an extra surprise for us, we got together in the morning and meet with the local support team, to take a bus from the university, we drive for an hour to Urcos where the festival of Oocha Raymi (Water festival), we eat some traditional Inca meals and enjoy the festivity.

In the afternoom some of the play soccer and enjoy our ride home, where we stop to visit more Inca Ruins.

Thanks Alex and Cesar for all your work and all local team who care about the Fudcon and made us feel at home.
Alejandro Pérez

FudCon Cusco thrith day

más de 10 años
Day started with lots of expectations, many work shops, and asterisk talk by Jared requested for some university teachers.
While Icaro workshops continue and some talks about Fedora Infrastructure and apps where done.

We were invited to lunch with the president of the university, on a restaurant with a nice view and delicious Peruvian meal, we meet him and talk while he gave us a copy of book Pacarectambo and the origin of the Incas by historian Victor Angles Vargas author of several books about Cusco and the Inca culture.

After some rain and running back to our talks, we meet everyone on the main room to an amazing crowd over 200 people where there to close the event, we all got togeter and thanks the amazing people of Cusco for their love and care on those days, our gratitude and friendship will always be on our heart.

To close the event a traditional folk song was play and old join the dance.

Thanks Cusco, we want to see all as fedora contributors.

Alejandro Pérez

FudCon Cusco Second Day

más de 10 años

Group photo taken the fist day


We started next day at breakfast on the hotel and arrive to Centro de Convenciones Cusco, where everything was set on place, rooms were full of people and starting their talks.

Many people started to arrive to ask me to help install Fedora in their notebooks, so we created a team on a room to help installing Fedora.

Valentin roboticst workshop started and he basically spend all day working with showing and coding Icaro to local electronics students must of them had installed Fedora Electronics Spins that include Icaro Robotics.
Valentin workshop added a new module to Icaro that will be added to FEL soon with the help of packager team.

At the same times Eduardo Echevers started to work with some people interested on Fedora Packaging we hope have a couple of a new packagers, with the help of other latin packagers.
It was a fund and long day, running around talks and attending installs.

Alejandro Pérez

FudCon Cusco first day

más de 10 años

We learn the day before that there was going to be transportation strike, but to our surprise it did not affect the assistance with time we have a full main room, we started the inauguration a bit late, the Mayor of Cusco give a welcome speech and  the Dean of the university. 

Barcamp process started with local talks, while we prepare the voting process Wolnie, Valentin and Matias did a fun talk about free software and the Fedora Community.

A total of 65 talks and workshops come out of the Barcamp, schedule was done and Fudcon started.

At nigh we all celebrate Jared birthday.
Alejandro Pérez

FudCon Cusco 2013 before the event

más de 10 años

Before FudCon

On Sunday, Luis Bazan and I travel to Cusco for FudCon, Cusco team greet us on the airport, we meet this guys for the first time, Alex and Cesar, after a couple of months on IRC meetings and talks. Valentin from Argentina travel earlier. Alex and Cesar explain us the tv interviews schedule, starting  on the most popular local TV show on Sunday, Valentin did the interview while they explain us the calendar of interviews on different local channels.

Next morning was time to go and pick up Jared and Dennis at the airport while Neville  (from Nicaragua was doing another interview), so arriving earlier allow us to do all tv  interviews to promote Fudcon, Fedora and free software, Abdeland Eduardo did half an hour interview about Fedora and free software.

But not was only interviews, local team had a schedule to visit different local universities so we had pretty busy schedule, we meet teachers and students who show interest about Linux and Fedora.

While we were not on interviews we work on Latam region issues.

As day passes we learn that over 1000 people was pre signup for the Fudcon, having a Barcamp with that much people was something that worried us, so we make plan to address it. The skill level was another concern so we organize to have some introductory talks and advance talks.

Soon we have everything ready as organizers Alex and Cesar show us everything was ready.
Alejandro Pérez

Software Freedom Day 2013 Panama

más de 10 años
This year, SFD date and Innovation Fair in Panama has the same date, so we decide to join Innovation fair to share free software with high schools kids from all the country, we meet real interesting kids using Fedora, and other Linux distros, working with robotics, software chemical and all kind of interesting projects.

We show Fedora to teachers from towns we normally have no chance to visit.

FEL Fedora Electronic Spin was something that call their attention.

Icaro project also won a great numbers of fans with teachers and kits.

It was really nice, I have fun a got tire of talking to all.

Thanks to Ibeth Batista from Procient for inviting us.

We look forward to be part of this event next year.
Alejandro Pérez

Latam budget Report

más de 10 años
This year Fedora community started the budget exerciser for first time, while we are certain it will be a good way to do planing and expending  help the regions ambassadors and events, it has been a good exercise for EMEA and LATAM regions so far.

Latam has a really slow start but we manage to assign it as best as possible and  spend it on the planned events, swags and media.

We already have assign the Q3 expenses and move F20 media production to Q4 as F20 has planned release date to December. 

It has been a great exercise for Latam we have manage to sponsor more ambassadors activities and they  logged and reported.  We have also have more active ambassadors on the list and meetings.

We send small amount of swags to  countries around the region so now we know we can distribute swags within Latam. 

While it has not been perfect and we probably have a loot of room for improvement, we will take the opportunity at  FudCon Cusco to meet and work on improvements.

So if you have some ideas and you are not going to Cusco, please drop me a line so we can take them into consideration.

Latam budget report can be found here

== Spanish ==

Proyecto Fedora promovió  la planeación de un prepuesto anual de gasto para eventos y artículos promocionales dentro de las regiones, este proceso a sido interesante y tenemos la confianza que ayudara mucho en la promoción de Fedora, hasta el momento Latam y Emea han logrado llevar adecuadamente el presupuesto.

Latam comenzó lento pero nos hemos ajustado de manera tal que ya tenemos los gastos del Q1 y Q2 bastante cerca de lo planeado mientras que Q3 ya tiene casi todo el presupuesto para eventos y swags asignado.
Aunque tendremos que pasar el presupuesto para medio para Q4 debido a que la liberación de Fedora 20 se pospuso hasta Dic.

Este proceso esta dando frutos, hemos tenido mas actividades con la participación de Fedora, mas embajadores activos y reportando sus actividades, mas actividad en las listas y las reuniones de Fedora latam.

Manejar el presupuesto no ha sido fácil y sin inconvenientes, de seguro tenemos mucho que mejorar.

Aprovecharemos la oportunidad que nos brinda el Fudcon Cusco para conversar ver la posibilidad de mejorar. Por lo que si tienes alguna idea dejala saber para considerarla.

El reporte del presupuesto actual esta aquí.
Alejandro Pérez

Doing is Doing – my 10 open source principles by Rob Hirschfeld

más de 10 años
I read this post and like so much I ask Rob if I can translated to Spanish, he allow me to do it so, Thanks Rob.

His original pieces can be found:

Doing is Doing – my 10 open source principles

Spanish version:

Hacer es Haciendo mis 10 principos del código abierto 

Alejandro Pérez

Losing hope

más de 10 años
Latam has been for almost two years with the main latam domains down or broken, for many reasons, the so call Latam infrastructure was down and no one who had access to solve it  or did care about. Later the domains where not paid and I wanted to pay for them and was not allow to do so. It was fix by the owner, to avoid those issues again we requested the domains to be transfer to  a latam person we can trust, the owner of this domains say yes but never did.

Later we try again with the same answer yes but never executed the transfers, those domain are name translated to Spanish and Portuguese and

The struggle about this domain was part of the reason our friend and contributor Sergio posted some sort of resignation letter a while back domain situation has not change since and we try on meetings and talk to the owner. The information on those domains do not represent Fedora Latam any more.

While we as latam can have other domain and used it was important to have the domains that many people promote for many years.

When you believe on what your doing and your community even, if you don't want to be part of it for what ever reason you have, you should not block it is development or harm it. This is what is happening on latam with those domains are doing more harm that good.

We are working on another domain so we can move all the links on wiki and web page to the new domains.

We have knows about the possibility to have * domains for local communities,  I know it will be much work, but I rater have it to avoid issues like this in the future.