Alejandro Pérez

Losing hope

más de 10 años
Latam has been for almost two years with the main latam domains down or broken, for many reasons, the so call Latam infrastructure was down and no one who had access to solve it  or did care about. Later the domains where not paid and I wanted to pay for them and was not allow to do so. It was fix by the owner, to avoid those issues again we requested the domains to be transfer to  a latam person we can trust, the owner of this domains say yes but never did.

Later we try again with the same answer yes but never executed the transfers, those domain are name translated to Spanish and Portuguese and

The struggle about this domain was part of the reason our friend and contributor Sergio posted some sort of resignation letter a while back domain situation has not change since and we try on meetings and talk to the owner. The information on those domains do not represent Fedora Latam any more.

While we as latam can have other domain and used it was important to have the domains that many people promote for many years.

When you believe on what your doing and your community even, if you don't want to be part of it for what ever reason you have, you should not block it is development or harm it. This is what is happening on latam with those domains are doing more harm that good.

We are working on another domain so we can move all the links on wiki and web page to the new domains.

We have knows about the possibility to have * domains for local communities,  I know it will be much work, but I rater have it to avoid issues like this in the future.